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Email: info@yasminarora.com

If you wish to book an appointment with me, then kindly give a call between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM



Why Me

I offer a high level of personalized, accurate tarot and psychic card readings tailored to my clients’ needs..

Years of experience as a psychic reader and Tarot Card reader

Transforming minds and soul for a transformed living.

Most of my readings have stood by the test of time.

What I Do

Tarot Card Reading

Being one of the ancient ways of connecting with universe to predict future outcomes, Tarot Cards are also known with another name called ‘wisdom cards’. These cards are used to provide people with guidance, fortune-telling and healing. Yasmin uses her psychic Tarot Card reading capabilities to examine and predict the best opportunities of your life, challenges you might face and other alternatives that you may go for. Not many of us understand this, but this universe constantly talks to us, though in many strange and unpredictable ways. The energy of cosmos is engulfing us all the time and guides us towards our true destination, towards the lesson that our soul is supposed to learn in this birth. She uses her Tarot Cards to channelize this energy and help people find answers even in the darkest of times.

Psychic Reading

Psychic healing or spiritual healing is very common among world’s major religions and is one of the ancient ways of healing diseases and disorders. There are times we experience pain or discomfort without any apparent reason and even physicians fail to help in such situations. During these cases, Yasmin suggest to go for psychic healing where the soul is opened up to receive the healing energy of the cosmos and spiritually heals the soul. As surprising as it may sound, psychic healing can do wonders for individuals who are seeking relief from physical ailments, relief from stress and other disputes.


Graphic Design

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What people says

Wow! Yasmin tapped into guidance that I wasn’t expecting, but intuitively know is spot on. She went above and beyond to offer me clarity around my situation, and I will forever be grateful for this reading!! Thanks Yasmin 💙
Sherry Nelson
Yasmin’s reading is gentle and intuitive! Simple and short guidance to help answer you questions and doubts! Will definitely recommend Yasmin for your readings!
Geraldine Faith Chua
She is very nice. She gave in detailed explanation of my situation in a Subtle way which was the best part I would say
Visheshta Bhalla

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